November Chapter Meeting

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Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 - 6:30pm

The Annual Meeting of Members of the Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter will take place online in a Zoom meeting on November 11, 2020, starting at 6:30 pm

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Meeting ID: 941 345 6204
Passcode: 1604

The agenda will include:

1. Elections
2. Treasurer's Report on income, expenses, and cash-on-hand.
3. President's Annual Report to members  
4. Eric Means, Climate Change Coordinator for Oregon

Our meeting will conclude with a presentation from Eric Means, TV chapter member, and TU's volunteer Climate Change Coordinator for Oregon. Eric is an electronics engineer in the computer-chip business, and 8 years ago was bold (foolish?) enough to step into the political climate change fray — as a Republican, no less. Eric will describe what climate change is, what causes it, and — most important — why it poses a long-term threat to cold-water fisheries in Oregon. If you wonder why climate change has become so politicized, Eric will offer his view from 8 years inside the mayhem as an advocate. TU’s national office concluded that the best current political vehicle to address climate change is something called “carbon fee and dividend”, which now exists as a resolution in the US House of Representatives.  Eric will describe why this resolution is so important, why it inspires fear from both sides of the political aisle, and what TU members can do to support it. 

Thank you,

Lori Day

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