The Fly Shop offers 2 percent for trout when you travel

When I’m snowbound and daydreaming about fishing (like right now), I often like to take time to look at the amazing travel catalog from The Fly Shop.  Even if a bucket-list adventure might not be in the plan for the next year, it’s always fun to look at the images and fish from exotic places like the jungles of South America and the Russian Far East.  

If you are, however, even contemplating a dream fishing trip, consider booking through Fly Shop. Not only are The Fly Shop professionals trusted sources for getting you into the best action and handling all logistics with more “been there, done that” experience than most (I’ll personally vouch for them), The Fly Shop has also entered an agreement with Trout Unlimited, wherein they donate 2 percent of the trip cost to TU. That equates to taking care of the fishy resources right here at home when you travel afar. 

A pretty good deal for all concerned, and a gracious move by The Fly Shop.

— Kirk Deeter  


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